Gemini Jets June Releases Speculations


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Hi all!

Felt it was about time to start this thread, since they just stocked the May releases and removed April releases from their website. Even though it was just revealed, I’m hoping for the Delta 767-400 in the Onward and Upward and BCRF colors. What do you want to see? I’m also hoping for the future releases like the TAM f100 and Alaska 737 MAX, as well as the VC-25A.
  • Random American/Delta/United narrow-body (would certainly be interesting if Gemini beat NG to the United Evo Blue A320)
  • Some retro model(s) (MD-80 maybe)
  • Emirates new livery
  • One or two models from the future release list (in addition to the Emirates)
  • Two widebodies from well known international carriers (e.g. British Airways, Lufthansa, Qantas, China Airlines, etc.)
  • A niche European or Asian carrier narrow-body
I'm not a huge Gemini fan but I'd really love to see a 1:400 Delta Connection E-175 (especially if the wing-flex is not horrible) or a 1:400 Delta 767-300ER (since we got a 1:200 release of that not too long ago).
As for my guesses:
- US retro plane. Possibly the USAir MD-82, but could be something else.
- I can definitely see a Euro plane being made; thinking this time it will be a narrowbody.
- Throw in the usual American releases. It’s their biggest market after all.
- For once we get a sports team plane? It’s really obscure but some team planes from NASCAR or the NBA may be released.
I rarely have high hopes for Gemini releases. The models are just too expensive for the quality, very few of the releases interest me. Regardless, this is what I'd like to see:

  • Qantaslink Q400 Silver Roo Livery
  • Qantas 737-800
  • Qantas 747-400 (New Mould)
  • United 787-9 Evo Blue (New Mould)
  • Emirates 777-300ER (New Livery)
  • Emirates A380 (New Livery)
Elliot stated in the airliners interview that their will be an Antonov AN-124 in the next releases, which is June.
Now that's interesting, should be a new mould in 1:200. Other than that, double the usual amount of Emirates! There weren't any for May.