It’s been long enough: Gemini jets October Release predictions


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Hi all,
GJ’s September releases have been stocked (after a delay i believe), and it’s way overdue for them to release the October release set. Personally, I’m praying for that Delta E175 and 319. What about you all?
Emirates, a bunch of US aircraft, the Virgin Australia MAX, some European models, maybe the odd classic thrown in there. I also reckon they’ll milk the 764 mould for all it’s worth before NG and Panda come out with their’s.
I think we’ll see the Delta E-175 in the November set. It’d be reasonable for Gemini to release a slam dunk plane near the holidays.

As for the rest, I’m expecting the Spirit A320neo and maybe another nice U.S. surprise.
I’m eager to see that Delta E175 announced. It may not be this month but GJ said there would be a lot of models that collectors have been waiting on in this set. Whether this is for US collectors or another group is anyone’s guess.

I do want to see that Southwest 727 from 1:200 last month in this set. Would be an awesome add for my collection if so. If not, I’ll happily take another MD-80 or other retro model.
It's out, Delta 175 is here
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Plus a Cubana AN-26 which looks cool
If I am being brutally honest - mediocre release month - Yes the big hit is the Delta 175 and I am very happy to see that but the rest, meh - NG has the better Alaska 737 Salmon People, NG will also most likely do the updated Spirit Neo which will be much better then the GJ one will be quality wise. Another UPS 767... Emirates A380, cool I guess. WestJet Saab - looks cool, may buy but god that's a high price for a tiny plane...
Not very exciting at all, apart from the AN-26, but I'll wait for a more interesting livery.

Cubana is actually appealing to me 🤗, but that's because I grew up in that region during the 1990s. There is a QANTAS 742 release in 1:200. If history is any guide, we could be seeing that in 1:400 in the near future. Not in my criteria, but definitely exciting to see GJ using their 742 mold. Good to see some 747, plus other classics, and action from GJ and JC.