HYJLwings A321 Additions


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HYJLwings continue to fly mostly under the radar of Western collectors as they tend to focus on Chinese airliners, with a sprinkling of Canadians on the side. They are also difficult to get as mostly they can only be purchased via taobao where they seem quite popular. I've missed out on two of their A321s recently but did get this trio. The HYJLwings A321 mould isn't the same as the current NG Models A321 it is the original version NG were using previously. HYJL releases come with a collectors card and two of this trio are good examples of why to collect Chinese airlines.


Love the Peony special scheme - would want that to go with my other peony 787s! But HYJL is just out of reach for me here. I'm hoping that NG will do these newer Juneyao specials soon and there's quite a bunch across types.