Aviation400 November 2023 Releases

2nd round of a380s. interesting.
might consider the hi fly coral reef version.
still, there left the ANA's 3 turtles to be released.
other than that, might take the orange pride 77w to see how their detachable 777 holds up.
The 777s and A350s will be some time as I believe they are still designing the detachable landing gear for those models. The magnetic gear works well on the A380s but I admit I'm less certain on smaller types.

Some interesting choices this time especially the AA and TAAG 773s. Tempted by several of the A380s myself.
Thai 380 for me. Also interested in AA and TAAG 777, but I need to see AV400s mould in person first as pictures aren't convincing though everyone is positive about them. Hope their UA 77W will arrive soon.
I'll definitely get the TAAG B77W - it is impossible to find one by PHX without outrageous price. If both A380s (QF and LH) are in the new livery then they will be in my collection as well!
Happy that AV finanlly try something new with their 77W :D The TAAG is now high on my to-order list:D:D

Just personally not prefer AV400 77W - they looks slightly off to me and the overpolishing problem on the nose is enough for me to worry about.

I am also considering the Qantas A380 and Air France A380:D:D:D The GJ version cost too much to me for the Qantas one:confused:
Per West Coast Diecast (CA) post on Facebook regarding the liveries of this AV400 releases. And yes I have to take maximum 3 models.

The quad A380s

The Boeings:

  • I missed the LH new scheme A380 in the earlier round - so will plan to pick this one up.
  • The TAAG 77W is a fantastic choice - and one that I'd want, as many others would (one of those strange and not-infrequent cases of a gorgeous and much-desired scheme not done by anyone other than PH I think??? and that too a long long time ago) - but Av400's gradual 'tampering' of their (former? - like in the case of the A350) excellent moulds is worrisome - so I'd wait for pictures
  • B-32AG has already been announced by NG so yeah I know where my money is going in this case
  • not interested in AI's new scheme, but may pick up this VT-JRA just out of curiosity, if there's spare cash, to tinker around with those detachable gears.
  • have PH's AFR & TG A380s so may not go for these - may go for the QF though
  • unpopular opinion - I have the previous Av400 PH-BVA and that's awesome, but I don't really like the Orange Pride upgrade honestly. too hackneyed and too govt like?
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Gemini Jets already made the N736AT American Airlines 777-300ER in 1:400 (and 1:200)…

Btw I would probably get the Virgin Atlantic 787-9. I don’t really like the new Orange pride KLM 77W livery, the old was better, (the regular blue KLM liveries are the best in my opinion).
Here are my thoughts on the AV400 releases. A great selection of models but it'll be interesting to see how the new magnetic gears look on the smaller widebodies: