Something's missing?


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Many years ago I bought numerous models that came cheap on ebay with the sole purpose to use them for custom/spares.
This TWA 747 was one of them. I can't remember ever taking the model out of box.
Now I'm cleaning up the basements and this one needs to go so I put it up for a photoshoot. Only now I get the idea why it went that cheap...
Not sure if the missing details were mentioned in the auction back then. Maybe I just didn't care.

Anyone else got such "one-offs"?
n93115b by AlexK3800, auf Flickr
n93115 by AlexK3800, auf Flickr
Nice model! Rarely do I see regular commercial aircraft having the upper deck window layout like the VC-25B and E-4B (no windows…)
What a gorgeous model! About the upper deck windows missing: I remember seeing pics of a few Jumbos without them, and they were civilian frames carrying pax! But I do think that your model have them missing due to a production error.