NG Models Tu-154B-2 mould


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Finally received NG's long awaited Tu-154B today for a quick photoshoot.

After seeing the awesome Tu-154M mould by NG I was hoping to see an equally as great 154B mould as well. The sample didn't look all that promising though.

Now that the final release is out, what do we have here:

After seeing the flap-track fairings protruding the wing's trailing edge I thought they'd simply use the 154M wing. This is not the case. The wing is a different casting with a "single kink" leading edge, but for whatever reason still has the protruding flap-tracks (come on NG??!!)
Upon a closer look the inner wing has a wrong (too deep) profile as NG joins it to 154M wingroot (fuselage mould) for the 154B too. The B would need a slightly shorter wing-root. But I'm overly nitpicky here I guess. In fact I can live with it the way it is.
But please NG, retool those flap-tracks at least! Those are not up to your standards.

As for the rest, I love how #1/3 engines turned out, not sure on #2 still which screams "I'm too small" at me, but certainly not too bad.
Not much to say about the other detailing: the typical NG high standard. They might review the nose gear though. I'd prefer a non-rolling assembly for a tighter fit.

Without any further look at the artwork (I bought it for the mould, the livery doesn't interest me) the only point of real critic is for cockpit: it's printed too low, something I'm not used to seeing from NG.

Here's some pics of mine for reference - note that the model came quite dusted which you can see in the images.

ra855651 by Alexander Kern, auf Flickr
ra855652 by Alexander Kern, auf Flickr
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These are stunning pictures!. And am glad you shared these. Was on the fence on this one - but have now decided to get it when I can. I agree on all your points too - there's still room for improvement on this! Which goes to say something of what we expect form NG - they operate at a different plane altogether.
But needless to say, it's a waste of an excellent, competition-beating-by-far mould if NG doesn't use these as often as they should. Like we shouldn't be forced to buy the other ones with this one lying around idle!
Frankly these pictures could be of a 1:200 mould if one wouldn't know it - kudos for the great pictures and really look forward to more such stunning shots @Phantom . Cheers!