2024 - What Are You Looking Forward To?

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Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! 2024 has finally arrived and I think it’s appropriate for me to ask one question: what are you looking forward to most in the new year?

Personally, it would be NG’s MD-80. NG Models seems very optimistic about their whole “Let Classic Be Classic”/Year of the Classic campaign for 2024, and the MD-80 will certainly be no exception. I’ll be excited to see what this generates for them. Perhaps we’ll get a lot of our long-awaited requests made this year…
Hello everyone and happy new year!

I hope JC Wings releases the JA795A All Nippon Airways ANA 777-300ER in 1:400. This model was made in 1:200 but still not in 1:400.

I hope Gemini Jets, Phoenix, JC or AV400 release the F-GZNE Air france 777-300ER Sky Team livery in 1:400 too.

I’m still waiting for a decent Lufthansa 747-8 in the old livery (not the retro one) in 1:400. Maybe Gemini Jets since they release Lufthansa almost every month.
It’s probably been done before by Aeroclassics or someone but I would love a Comet in BOAC colours. I think I’d give my left leg to buy that without having to remortgage the house!
I'd be happy to just see NG come out with improved 747 samples... And a good variety of classics on them.

I could state my entire wishlist here but there are threads for that lol.
For me: SAS B736, 737 and 738. At least 3 different regs of each type. Icelandair B737 Max8 with yellow stripe on the tail (has not been done yet). And a lot of other surprises on the new “Classic” moulds.👍🏻
Ng Models 737-Max 9 in the United evo blue livery, still weird to me that its yet to be made in 400 scale
That's crazy! Definitely a big gap in the U.S. domestic market. Would also love to see a United Max 8 from NG.
Here's what I'd be happy to see from NG.
  • New molds debut with little to no issues. Utilized decently. I'm honestly not sure if they'll all have releases next year though. I think we may see the 747 classics and A340 towards the second half of the year though.
  • These releases:
    • United 737 Max 8/Max 9/A319/A320
    • American 737 Max 8/A321neo/MD-80
    • Delta Gen 2 757-200, A321 re-release, A339
    • Frontier A320neo (a set of 4 different ones like the Icelandair 737 Max 9s would be 🔥)
    • Alaska 737 Max 8, Max 9 (standard livery)
    • Allegiant A320
    • Hawaiian A321neo, 787 re-release
    • Korean Air 787-9
    • Canadian 737 Max 8s (Air Canada, WestJet)
    • An increased focus on European narrow bodies, just in general
    • Anything Singapore
    • ANA 787-9 standard re-release
  • More new carriers, rather than fixating on certain ones.
I would like to see more “real” new moulds surprises, which hopefully happens this year. And I would also like some exotic releases coming onto the market: Air Algeris A332, Afriqiyah A333, Lybian Wings A332, Air Serbia A332, Tunisair A332, Air Niugini B763, Rwandair A332, Suriname A343, Air Astana B763, Silkway B744 RR engines current scheme, etc. Active classics are also in my list: Rada IL62, Orbis MD-10 (publicly available and not the ultra-rare exclusive made by GJ for Orbis), Silkway IL76, Pouya IL76, Geo-Sky B742,… Some re-releases are welcomed: United evoBlue B772 PW livery on a decent mould, KE A220 with rolling gears and correct height,…
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I would love to see NG start utilizing the 767 moulds and start picking from the plentiful of Delta options! If NG started to release some Ron Allen and Wavy Gravy 737-800s as well that would be cool. I would love to see a 758-300 mould from them and of course get Delta as well. And then one that can be super easy as they already got a mould, a Delta 777 already!! Not to mention Song 757s please!

On the Gemini side of things not much as they’ve done a crap ton of Delta.

For other manufacturers ill just have to wait to see what they got, I think it would be interesting if Jc ever released anything Delta (like it would be the greatest quality)
Air Algeris A332, Afriqiyah A333, Lybian Wings A332, Air Serbia A332, Tunisair A332, Air Niugini B763, Rwandair A332, Suriname A343, Air Astana B763, Silkway B744 RR
Wow, that is nearly the exact list I'd be looking forward to -- can't believe there'd be someone else looking for those!

My list would be something like: Air Algeria A332, Air Serbia A332, Tunisair A332, Air Niugini 763, Rwandair A332, Suriname A343 (in old and new livery), Air Astana 763

with the additions of Air Tanzania 788, Air Namibia A332, Kenya 788 (on a good mould), Sudan IL-62M, Uganda A338, Yemenia A332, Air Austria 789 (delivery due in June), Air New Zealand 78x (delivery due), Afghanistan A310, Air Madagascar A343