NGModels 2024: "Let Classic be Classic" model suggestion campaign


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NGModels just posted this morning on their Wechat account (translated with Google Translate:
"With the development of the industry and the upcoming introduction of many new molds such as our 747 classic models represented by the 747-200, MD80/90 series, 767 series, A340 series, we plan to define 2024 as the "Classic Theme Year" (2024 - Year of Classics)", that is, starting from 2024, the proportion of classic-themed products will increase. For these works, we will work together from the model itself to the external packaging, striving to let everyone feel the taste of history from the inside out. Let Classic be Classic.

In order to better summarize the themes and arrange the production plan reasonably, everyone is welcome to provide suggestions and suggestions, and recommend classic themes and any thoughts on the topic through private messages or messages

Per this post, I think we can now suggest our long-wanted classic models to them and hopefully seeing it being made. What are you suggestions?

p/s: I think NG will reply faster per email: [email protected]. I recently aksed them for a spare A350 left stabilizer that went missing on my MAS A350, reached them via Instagram, Messenger, Wechat and email and I only receive reply per mail.
The following molds are needed in order to have a proper classics collection...

DC-9-10 through -50
DC-10 series (including the -40)

707-120, 707-320, 720
Convair 880/990

In the meantime... open the floodgates on the MD-80!
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All I care about is that they do well-desired and sought-after US retros. That’s what I’m after right now.
I don't have any idea how I forgot about the DC-10 series either. They need that to go along with the L-1011.

I'm right there with you for US retros. I wouldn't mind a choice of 2 or 3 different tail numbers on Delta MD-88s in each scheme.
God, if they want classic suggestions, I could give so many.
- PIA 747(Ideally 80's (I may be obsessed with this one lol) and 90's livery which has not been done in 1/400)
- Pan Am 747(Iconic)
- British Airways 747-100 in any and all liveries

There's just so many possibilities for 747's that need to be re-released on good moulds that it probably deserves a wishlist.
Want to use the 747 properly - here an idea:
- Rerelease: every first 747 ever delivered to an airline i.e. the ones of the logos that were pictured on Line1
- Release operators/paints that were never done
- rerelease / overpriced ones to open the hobby for all
Lots of A340 wishes:

Gulf Air, A340-300, A4O-LD, “50th Anniversary” Livery
Austrian, A340-300, OE-LAL, “Wiener Philharmoniker” Livery
Swiss, A340-300, HB-JMJ, “San Francisco” Livery
BWIA West Indies Airways, A340-300, 9Y-TJN
Air Tahiti Nui, A340-300, F-OLOV
Air Asia, A340-300, 9M-XAC, "Oakland Raiders" Livery
here's an update on their official Wechat account. (auto-translated by Google)

"After yesterday's tweet about collecting "classic themes" , various suggestions came in like snow. There are too many to respond to one by one. We are currently sorting them out one by one and gradually putting them into the subsequent production plan. We will also keep you updated on the progress. According to the ideas of some veterans, we need to design new packaging for some of the key themes (classics among classics). We will respect the suggestions and boldly try them. We will also report to you on the design style and production progress of the new packaging in the future. Let us participate and work together to achieve a better collecting experience in 2024!"

I'll be perfectly happy when they get their 747Classics to meet their TriStar standards. With all details done as they should. Liveries are only secondary then.

And if they manage to cater the market with classic moulds of types that don't have any good moulds to date. Awesome.
727-100/200, DC-9-10, 707-120/220/320/420 I'm talking about.
Wouldn't mind seeing 737-200, DC-10-10 or A300 as well.
Heres a wishlist I made mainly to send to NG. These are mainly American as you go down the list.

PSA L1011
DAL L1011 relreleases
TWA L1011 rerelease
Eastern L1011
Air Canada L1011
COA Meatball and final livery MD80
Midwest EXP MD80
US Air MD80
Midway MD80/MD87
CPA lettuce sandwich 747
Flying Tiger 747
UPS 747
UAL 747
BAW 747 (Landor)
AAL 747
TWA 747
Air Canada 747
PAA 747
FDX 747
NWA 747
COA 747
DAL 767 (Widget)
TWA 767
US Air 767
AAL 767
UAL 767
Air Canada 767
Canadian Pacific 767
NWA 757 (bowling shoe)
DAL 757 (Widget) Rerelease
America West 757
Eastern 757 Rerelease
UAL 757 (Battleship and Saul Bass)
NWA A320
America West A320