Upcoming Aviation400 releases?


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Hi All! Just wondering if anyone had any information on when we can expect the next lot of AV400 releases, or what people want to see. I personally I would like to see Qantas, Air NZ, United 787-9s, a normal Air NZ 777-300ER and a Qantas A380 in both liveries.

Unfortunately I haven't heard anything, but i'll be waiting! If they do release anything soon, I don't expect it to be in stock by late 2023/early 2024 based on Aviation400's current delivery records :ROFLMAO:
I actually doubt the 707 never come back @LeoMuse747. From another post on MAF it seems that Qantas A380 is included in the next release. I think the 747 from AV400 is the ace in 1:400 world. I just recently purchased one and now waiting for it to arrive. It would be the holy grail in my collection.
SIngapore A350 re-release would be cool, though unlikely. Shame nobody in 200 or 400-scale seems to be keen on making one.