My Complete 1/400th scale collection.

This will take some time, But I'll start with the Aeroclassics. In alphabetical order by airline:
Allegheny 727-22 N7028U in 3 shades of red scheme, released November 2005:
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Allegheny BAC 1-11-215AU N1130J in the first scheme, released September 2008:
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America West 737-3G7 N302AW in the first scheme, released September 2014:
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American 707-323B N8436 in the last scheme, released July 2008:
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American 727-23 N1988 in the last scheme, released January 2009:
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American A321-211WL N162AA in Stand up to Cancer scheme, released January 2020:
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American A321-211 N587UW in US Airways heritage scheme, released June 2021:
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American Trans Air 727-22 N286AT in the first scheme, released February 2021:
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American Trans Air 727-227A N786AT in the first scheme, released June 2016:
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American Trans Air 727-2B7A N770AT in the "vacation" scheme, released February 2022:
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i be loving all of your 727s
Just arrived...another crucial addition for my IND retro airport project: USAir MD-82 N824US by Gemini Jets
USAir MD-82 1980 N824US L.jpg

USAir MD-82 1980 N824US R.jpg

All I need now are an MD-82 in the last (blue tail) scheme and a BAC-1-11 in bare metal, and my USAir fleet will be complete.