It should probably be about time:Gemini Jets August Release Speculations

Here are my predictions:

  • Emirates A380 & 777 in the new livery.
  • Another 764.
  • Multiple releases from the US.
  • A miscellaneous classic model.
  • One or two aircraft from Europe/Asia/Oceania
My predictions
  • One of the future releases (possibly TAM Fokker 100?)
  • Another B764 (Possibly united or current delta)
  • Some sort of classic mould
  • 1-2 European / Oceanic / African / South African Aircraft
  • 3-5 American aircraft
AM MD-82 released for July this year but in 1:400.
The rest any of the already announced as “future” like the TAM and the Emirates.
Delta 767-400 current newest version of the livery with titles in the belly is more of a wish than a prediction but it could be.
Also hoping for that USAir MD-80. Would love to see a Deltaflot and Ron Allen 88 as well.

My prediction for when the releases will be announced: sometime next week. We’re still going through the photo cycle and the last several months they usually wait until all the photos are out on their profiles before posting the next set.
I think we'll see a good amount from the future releases (perhaps the Emirates new livery, Southwest Tennessee One, USAir MD-82, and/or the USAF KC-135). We'll probably get some other U.S. carrier (most likely United, American, or Delta) narrow-body in there along with perhaps another 764. I'd love to see an AeroMexico (already released in 1:200), Alaska, American, or Delta MD-82/MD-88 as well.
How about some random 727-200? Similar to the World Atlantic MD-80 of a few months ago.
They better do Bud Lite in 1:400; I’d buy that sucker in a heartbeat. There’s a lot of 727 releases that they did in 1:200 that they should do in 400.IMG_0918.jpeg

I wouldn’t be opposed to the older Indianhead livery too, though that might be out of their realm of interest. As they say though, anything is possible… they have done much older.
That reminds me. A Continental MD-82 in the final scheme would be terrific! I flew on N16815 back in 1996...
I was thinking exactly the same after I posted that Aerorepublica one. I also flew several times on Continental MD-80s in the globe livery. My first MD-80 flight was on one of them.
Yes, Continental last scheme would be great....hard to believe no one's made one yet. Same with a 737-300, but that's another story.