2023 - The Year In Review


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As the year draws to a close it is time to look at what has been going on in 400 scale this year. It certainly seems that the scale is healthier and more competitive than ever, but who has been on the up and who on the down in 2023? Here I review release totals, aircraft type usage and mould development across the scale for the year that was.

There will be a top 15 models of 2023 video coming over the next week and I am tempted to look at release diversity (as Mark just did) if time allows.

vast yet concise, and very comprehensive - enjoyed reading this immensely! the charts and stats were a thrill to see / study! Kudos to the amount of work and insight in the article.
Curious and excited now at the moulds that will appear in 2024! And hoping that the excellent ones already around get their deserved usage.
It's strange that as prices shoot up, so does the competition, and the heat on manufacturers to really present products that justify that expense.
Alas, also indicates that a lot of saving up needs to be done for the deluge we shall witness in 2024 - especially with all the classics on the horizon.
A delightful read as always, and Season's Greetings to you and your loved ones!