Saudia Tristar Livery Variants


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I only just received my copy of the NG Models Saudia Tristar. While yes the no 2 engine titles are misplaced I was more interested to realise that it is actually in a different livery variant than the Witty Wings / AV400 Saudia Tristar I already own. I didn't realise there were multiple variants:

  • Delivery scheme: block saudia titles, small English titles on port side of fuselage
  • 1982 onwards: stylised saudia titles, small Arabic titles on port side of fuselage

Obviously there is significant overlap of the original scheme with the updated version. By 1987 Saudia L-1011s look like they began also to receive grey painted rather than natural metal bellys. The Witty Tristar is in delivery colours and the NG Tristar is in the 1980s version.