***Retro*** Miami Intl. Airport

Welcome to one of my small mini projects, of which we will cycle through 5 retro airport (from different eras). Those being Miami, San Francisco, St. Louis, Honolulu, Minneapolis St Paul.
Miami Intl. Airport cicra 1984 Update #1.

Gate A1: We have a Pan Am 747SP which will shortly be departing out for a flight to Honolulu via LAX.

Gate A2: There is a Pan Am DC-10 which is on pushback en-route to Berlin.

Gate A3: Pan Am 737-200 recently arrived in from Boston, passengers have disembarked and catering is currently being loaded.
Gate A4: Pan Am L1011 has arrived in from London Heathrow about an hour ago and is currently being refuelled ahead of its next flight.

Gate A5: TWA L1011, has made the short hop down from New York JFK and is currently having passengers and luggage unloaded from the aircraft.
Gate A6: United 767-200 currently has passengers and luggage loading onto the aircraft and then will be push back from a flight to Chicago O'Hare.

Gate A7: Empty Gate
Gate A8: Here we have a Delta L1011 which arrive in from Salt Lake City around 30 minutes ago. It is currently have the final pieces of freight unloaded and is being catered ready for its next flight.

Gate A9: Here is an Eastern 757-200 being pushed back for a flight out to San Juan. It is currently third in line for departure.
Gate A10: Eastern L1011 is currently being heavily serviced after arriving in from Kingston, Jamaica.

Gate A11: At the gate is an Eastern DC-10, which arrived in from Kansas City about 45 minutes ago.

Gate A12: Lufthansa DC-10 being pushed back for a return flight to Frankfurt. This aircraft is fourth in line for departure.
Gate A13: Here is a Condor DC-10 which has arrived in from Berlin. It is currently unloading the last pieces of freight.

Gate B1: Here we have a United 727-200 which has arrived in from Houston around 30 minutes ago. Passengers are disembarking the aircraft and the final pieces of luggage are being taken off.
Gate B2: Here is a United 727-100 which will be flying out to Washington Dulles later on.
Gate B3: Empty Gate

Taxiway: United DC-10, second in line for departure, is taxiing to the runway for a flight out to San Francisco.

Gate C1: American DC-10 has just arrived in from Paris CDG. The passengers are just disembarking the aircraft, via the air stairs, onto the coaches that are waiting on the apron.
Gate C2: American 727-200 has just finished loading the final pieces of luggage and will be departing shortly for a flight out to Dallas-Fort-Worth.
Gate C3: Empty Gate

Gate D1: Here is a FedEx DC-10F which is going to be departing out to LAX once the final pieces of cargo are secured.
Gate D2: Pan Am 747-100F has recently arrived in from London Heathrow, and is unloading plenty of cargo.
Gate D3: Empty Gate
Gate D4: Empty Gate

Stay tuned for the next update. Hope you all liked it.