Retro Daytona Airport Project!

JJ Skippy

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Hello everyone! With my love for retro aviation growing by the day, I have wanted to expand on the retro content I do. As such, I will be debuting a new project in the future. I wanted to give a preview towards that project, so here we go.

Introducing Retro Daytona! This project will have a similar focus to Retro FSD, recreating the Daytona Beach International Airport throughout various eras with a timeframe that is a little narrower (currently aiming for around the early 50s to today). What makes this airport unique, too, is the location of a nearby speedway.

I am quite a big NASCAR fan myself, and with the Daytona 500 just a week away, the speedway and the airport will be popping! With this Retro Daytona Project, I do want to recreate various events at the Daytona International Speedway when applicable, since it will add that extra element into the project.

Currently, Daytona sees two NASCAR race weekends annually: the season opener which includes the Daytona 500 around President’s Day Weekend, and the Coke Zero Sugar 400 weekend in late-August, which originally ran on the Fourth of July weekend until a few years ago.

Back to the main focus at hand (the airport), since Daytona Beach is still a little new to me, I am gathering as much information as I can through research. Feel free to reply with information about Daytona Beach Airport. I will start posting various airline histories at DAB soon to get us started! I am quite excited to do this project and hopefully it will be as successful as Retro FSD has been so far!