Merry Christmas 2023 from YV400

Merry Christmas everyone!

It is Jorge (AKA @Jazajia)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a joyful aircraft-model collecting journey this holiday season on behalf of

It was a good year in the 1:400 scale diecast world with plenty of good releases and mold announcements. On a personal level, the site took its first steps in transitioning from being "my models' site" to becoming a platform for the collecting community. @Mark22 (AKA @retrohangardiecast) became an active writer on the site and authored several articles over the year including the most recent one which offers a wonderful comparison of how the different manufacturers performed over the year:

Other pieces written by Mark included:



On the photo gallery of the site, there were also a small number of new photographers that uploaded their photos, most notably Akira Hiraco (not active in the forums anymore, but very active on Facebook)

Screenshot 2023-12-24 at 10.53.48 PM.png

Having other collectors upload photos to the site was very helpful in determining the usability of the basic and rudimentary upload form as well as in identifying clear issues that need to be addressed to make the site a true alternative to social media outlets. That is the main goal of to have a dedicated website to showcase high-quality material (photography and writing) of the airplane model collecting hobby.

Social Media is easy to use and a convenient way to share content and get instant community feedback, and there is a lot of truly great material on the different social media outlets. But at the same time, since practically anyone can post anything, anytime, there is an overload of good material that can be difficult to process when it is posted, and almost immediately gets buried by not-so-good material.

As it is, the site (YV400) is working fine within its limitations. If you like the idea of creating something similar to the well-known aviation photography websites (like and, but for aircraft models, check out and its "upload info" section and play around with it.

If you would like to contribute literature to the hobby outside a social media and forum setting send a PM to this account or through the contact section of the site.

Cheers and onto another wonderful year of aircraft model collecting in 2024!
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to you Jorge and to all users here! Have some fun and get along with family and loved ones :love: