Phoenix Nov 23 Release

Man, I can’t believe it… years hoping to see a TWA 747 and they decide to make N93119, the ill fated that crashed on Long Island in 1996
I just don’t like to have models involved in crashes/ tragedies …Am I the only one?
I think it's entirely up to the individual. Personally, I believe it's an interesting (but tragic) part of aviation history, and that it's important to remember these events. A model is a good way to preserve that. Whether or not an aircraft has crashed will not dictate if I buy it.

Obviously this is completely up to you. No one should tell you what you can or can't buy.
Indeed. Phoenix is also releasing some good 767s from North America.

United Battleship
American (bare metal livery)
Delta Widget

nice choices. Maybe we'll also see UA Saul Bass, Air Canada, TWA...

I'll keep waiting for these European 767s from the 1990s:
Condor, Martinair, Lauda Air, Air Europe Italy
I can say that one of them in that list will appear soon
as usual - great release set - terrible moulds mostly - some great choices - DL 767 for me - I have the Swissair JC version from a few years ago - not going near any of those 747s same story - models I want but not on these moulds. As usual they're killing it with the their Tu-154 choices. Strangely no A340 this month - I'd have expected PH to have made the Conviasa A346 / A343 by now for instance, and announced the Surinam ex-AB A343 - but yeah.
A bit late to the party but...Phoenix have had a rather decent 2023, and last month was very good, but it can't mask the fact that the majority of their moulds are outdated and inferior to the competition. This is especially true for their narrowbodies so a selection of A320s, A321s and 737s this month doesn't bode well.

Any idea of when this release will be on sale? And does anybody have more info about the final TWA 747 registration ?