New mould: JC Wings Antonov An-26


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Hello everyone!

Doesn't seem to have been posted here before.
Here's a new release by JC. They have posted in their Instagram account.





This is stunning! I hope to see more releases, and maybe an An-24 version in a near future.
or even better... Antonov An-12 :cool:

In a world full of 1:400 737 MAX and A320 NEOs, I'm happy to see this new type released.
I would like to ask if it will have implementedxalso the antennas or not, and when will be released, the box it's the standard new JC wings box was expecting something special, they have build a new plane and only them they have :) well done!

Note: they have released in this sad time the Ukraine version of air force, i think that will sell so good :)
I'd still like to see a short DC-9 released....All we have are Aeroclassics that had the old screw-in wing cradle...and Dragon/Jet-X which hasn't seen any releases since 2009, so I don't really think a new mould is out of the question....especially since there are so many that haven't been made yet.