Model Review - Ukraine AF Antonov 26 Blue 48 by JC Wings


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I'll start work on the NG samples soon but here's a review I wrote last week in the meantime. With all the crazy mould creation from NG, Panda and AV400 a new mould that has rather been overlooked is JC Wings new Antonov 26. While undoubtedly not as popular as an A320 this is a wonderful little mould and brave choice. JC Wings sent me the model for review and I'm only too pleased to take a closer look at it:

This is a GREAT model. I was really happy to see a new turboprop mould in 1:400!
JC did a great work! Judging by the pics, the gears look a little oversized to me - yes, I'm aware about the big wheels of the real plane - but it's a very minor issue. Hopefully JC will release a blank livery. The United Nations versions would work just fine.

Another Soviet turboprop which I really hope to see is the Antonov An-12 and, honestly, I don't even know why this particular model is still absent in 1:400 and 1:500 aswell. CAVOK Air is a main user nowadays and their An-12s can be seen in several regions of the world. It's not a too small model either.
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Looks very nice indeed, but JC will probably mess up the nosegear often. Hopefully this is a start to more of these props.
I own the model aswell and I was very suprised at how small it is. I have seen one in the flesh at RIAT from the Romanians and they’re only Slightly bigger than the saab 340 that was parked next to it. Even still, I’m very impressed with the mould and JC have knocked it out of the park. It would be nice if we could get some civilian versions such as Vulkan air or some camo versions from Ukraine and Russia.
Looks good, nice review Richard, my number one request would be this one, but RAF Avia would also be a purchase for me: