Patriot Models - Xi'an Y-7s


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Ahoy Comrades. JC Wings Antonov An-26 mould has cropped up under the brand of a new company to 400 scale - Patriot Models. Already active in 200 scale Patriot have announced a quartet of Xi'an Y-7s in the colours of the PLAAF and PLAGF using the JC An-26. These are expected early in the new year and Patriot themselves have big plans to expand under their own steam, at least in 200 scale.

Why can't JC release them under their own name? Brand fragmentation in the diecast world is mind-boggling.
If I understand correctly, they only produce them for a seperate brand that has no other relation to JC.
Yeah as Mark says Patriot are a separate company using the JC moulds rather than a JC brand

Yeah, I noticed that. I probably should have elaborated more. It is just a weird phenomenon that I see in the diecast world. Niche brands pop up all the time to cater to niche markets. To me, it feels better for there to be only a handful of well-established brands. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as models that people want are being produced. Anyway, we can discuss this topic on another thread.