Hello fellow model collectors

Hello all. My name is Michael and i just wanted to introduce myself. i am a 1:400 collector and have over 500 models and have been collecting for so many years now. My home airport is SJC ( San Jose, California) in the USA. I have enjoyed sites like Yesterday's airlines since its inception years ago. Always good content. I am a member of the World Airliner Historical Society and volunteer at the annual Airliner International Shows each year.I am really into retro schemes/ models these days, but i enjoy airline collectibles in general. i love nostalgia and airline history and have always been fascinated with new entrant carriers. My favorite plane is the 727 and Boeing models in general. However, i do love McDonnell Douglas models too. Always excited to add a model once i have flown on the plane and especially with the corresponding registration.
Welcome aboard! Fascinating that you’re a part of the WAHS and volunteer at the conventions. Hopefully I’ll see you at Dallas next June.
So glad to see you here! I love t-tails, airliners international, and WAHS, so I bet we’re going to get along quite well! :)