1:400 SFO International Terminal Project

Awesome!!! My home airport too. If you can, i recommend doing the Terminal building itself hollow - it's a great place to store tools (unless you want to do an interior scene, which would be cool/lot of work). Old project from awhile back.


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I’ve also gotten some work done on the Departure Hall. Still trying to work out the details and how to make the curvilinear roof supports in 3d form, but should be fun to work out!
Looks amazing! Would love to see more pictures of your build if you have some!
I have more pics of my various SFO dioramas on the FB page "Bay Area Scale Models" - https://www.facebook.com/bayareamodels

If you ever attend the SFO Airline Collectible Show, please feel free to swing on by the airport diorama table - those are mine.

Afraid no pics of what I have at the moment - still outlining a large project and it's a large mess. Love to see B/A A with some jumbos! Oh, how I miss the B744s. I was offline from the hobby for a couple years, and all but a few freighter 747s are gone - a shame. Mentally I'm still in the BAW B744 era.
As a bay area resident, that looks fantastic, Sfo is my favorite airport. Always a great for spotting
SFO is the essence of my love for aviation. Been flying in and out of SFO to Manila and London since I was little, and I just lovE seeing the diversity of heavies at the International Terminal.
Outstanding, and welcome aboard! What kind of materials are you using, they look very realistic.
Thank you! I make my designs with google drawings, then I print and glue them onto 140lb watercolor paper. I like to use watercolor paper rather than 90lb cardstock to give more rigidity to my buildings.