Phoenix Models 1/400 Model Wishlist

My personal wishlist for Phoenix Models to do
Singapore 737-800 (rerelease)
Royal Air Maroc 737 Max 8
Royal Air Maroc 737 Max 8 (Oneworld livery)
Prime Air 737-800 (rerelease)
Prime Air 767-300
Prime air 767-300 it's done in 3 versions: without winglets, with winglets, and gold
My wishlist will be:
767-300 Star Air
767-200 Star Air
767-300 Fedex no winglets, normal livery
B767-300ER Condor - 1990s livery (grey belly)
B767-300ER Martinair - 1980s/1990s livery
B767-300ER Varig - Landor livery (small titles)
B767-300ER Transbrasil - 1990s livery

and I hope they won't mess up the cockpit windows!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot about their 767 moulds. I'd love to see some Ansett 763s to go with the Aeroclassics -200s.
Air France 777-300ER F-GSQG (one of the last 777-300ER in Air France 2009 livery with the 4 class layout 1 configuration which is used for flights to AF main international destinations like LAX, SFO, JFK, MIA, DXB, HND, SIN, IAD, etc).