NG JetBlue A321 Missing Logo?

JJ Skippy

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Oh. Ummmm, that ain’t good. I’d send it back. Never seen such a huge misprint like that before. Super unfortunate that happened to you.


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Through thousands of NGs, I've only seen this happen once. But yeah definitely send it back for a replacement.


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I wonder if there's a collector who love to collect defects like this. I know in other hobbies things like this tend to be more "valuable".

Citrus Aviation

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Just received this brand new NG JetBlue A321 and it looks like something is missing… anyone else had this problem or is this just my good luck?
Ah, this is, um, interesting. I have heard of this sort of thing happening before, but had never actually seen it until now. In the thread there are some more hilarious examples of this sort of thing happening. Honestly, if you want to sell it at a discounted rate, I would buy it just for the lols.


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Yikes, I hope you’re able to get a replacement. Hopeful NG continues to slow down and work on their QC issues, that is unacceptable.