How many models have you got?

Matt Reid

I only have a mere 64 models and have been collecting since last February. In my last thread I saw that @YesterAirlines has 2557 models. I have 29 NG, 10 JC, 8 GJ, 6 AV400, 8 Phoenix, 1 Panda, 1 Herpa and finally 1 Aero Classics. Just out of curiosity how many models have you all got and how long have you been collecting?
If we count models that are not for sale, then only 10 Aeroclassics, 1 GJ400, 1 GJ200 and 1 IF200. I used to have around 80 but sold a lot because my collection goal has changed.
In 1/400 scale ihave about 20 or so models most of them being rare AC/BB400 747's
but in 1/500 i have 40+ Models almost all Herpa
I have roughly 335 models in my collection of various scales but the large majority(about 290 pieces I reckon) is 1:400 scale.

I'd say it's about evenly split between Aeroclassics, GeminiJets and Phoenix with almost all manufacturers having at least some models in there also.

Almost all models are airplanes that fly or flew for Dutch companies like KLM and Martinair, but I also have a small collection of Northwest, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic and some planes from Belgian and Luxembourg.
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161 British Airways ranging from BB/YC, Jet X, Gemini Jets, Aeroclassics, NG Models, JC, and Phoenix, then probably another 30/40 other airlines, been collecting since 08
26 in 1:400 (11 GJ, 7 JC, 5 NG, 3 AV400) so far. I have a few 1:500 and 1:200 snap fits as well as a 1:600 that was my first model but I only collect 1:400 now.
My collection is now 437 models. Bought the first model in year 2000. Due to lack of display space (I have all models on display) I have put some restrictions on ehat to buy.
One more model arriving tomorrow so then 438.
Very nice! I'm sure you have seen it all throughout that time!
As of right now, I have 413 models with another 3 on pre-order. Have been collecting since 1999. My primary focus is airlines and mainline aircraft that have served my hometown airport, IND in either scheduled or charter services.
I started collecting in 2017, and currently I have 188 models, with number 189 arriving tomorrow. Mostly 1:400's, 67 Phoenix, 42 JC Wings, 25 Aeroclassics,17 Gemini, 7 NG, 6 AV400 and a few others.
I currently sit at about 270, including a small handful of Shapeways and some planes I have on order and for Christmas. Started collecting in 2012, picked up by 2017 when I started documenting my unboxing videos online, then when the pandemic hit it has become a full-time deal.