Consideration of Fantasy models of US airline orders never seen

I was thinking about Us airline aircraft orders that never saw delivery and how perhaps some fantasy models should be considered by the manufacturers. Is it possible ?

American 747-400
Continental 737-600/767-300/A330-300/A340-300
Northwest A340-300
TWA A318/A330-300
Alaska MD-90
Western Pacific 737-700
Valujet MD-95(717)
Air Florida 757
Pan Am A320
Western 767-200
Us Airways A350-900
America West 737-400/747-400/A318
Braniff (Mk2) Fokker 100
Air Tran 737-800
Independence air A320
Southern MD-80
One I’d love to see: Delta 767-400 in the Widget colors, heck, I’d take anything in the widget colors!
This release is just one of many fantasy models schabak made. in this case a continental a340-300. God knows who wanted this model


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Those were made back when those orders were active I believe. Shows how old Schabak actually is.

Would be nice if NG did those in 400 scale.