The most interesting model for me was the DHC-8 but what the hell has happened to the cockpit windows!!!! View attachment 25532
That’s another nice one out of the batch. The forward cockpit windows look high don’t they? That’s just standard JC/GJ, no? At this point seems there is a 50/50 chance they will get the cockpit windows properly placed.

I will need to see a photo with a different background to see how messed up the model really is.
Okay, it's been a good minute since we don't see a DC-9-30 in 1:400 from a manufacturer other than Aeroclassics. I personally don't recognize this mold. I'm guessing it is either the Aeroclassics or Jet-X mold fitted with antennae and modern landing gear.

Given that any mold we haven't heard of in a while either doesn't exist anymore or it is owned by JC I'd say this is a resurrection of the Jet-X mold, which has not been used since 2011. What a surprise either way. I see this airplane often in Louisville, so it is nice to see a model of it.

May be an image of text

A rather nice one. I hope they release TSM and USAJet as well, saw those a lot at Detriot YIP.