Why is the GJ B747-200 Bauhaus fantasy sample model so talked about?

Hi, i noticed a lot of people talk about the sample Fantasy Bauhaus B747-200 GJ Made in 2001, its a lot more talked about then other samples for some reason. GJ Made a lot of sample models with similar production numbers (6), so what is diffrent about the fantasy bauhaus that makes is worthy to be talked more?
My thinking is that because it’s a sample model, and so few were made because of that, they become very valuable quickly.
I think it's because a couple of reasons:
1. it's a 747-200 people love classic 747 as we know how high prices AC/BB400 747
2. It's a British Airways 747 people love BA especially British people
3. It's a sample that is rare and very interesting
No BA 747 sported the Bauhaus tail. No 747-100 sported a utopia tail, and no BA 747-200 sported anything other than Rolls Royce RB-211 engines, with the exception of the ex B-Cal fleet which were disposed of quickly. I'm not sure why this model is so talked about, it's not a particularly well researched proposition.