Why is the GJ B747-200 Bauhaus fantasy sample model so talked about?

Hi, i noticed a lot of people talk about the sample Fantasy Bauhaus B747-200 GJ Made in 2001, its a lot more talked about then other samples for some reason. GJ Made a lot of sample models with similar production numbers (6), so what is diffrent about the fantasy bauhaus that makes is worthy to be talked more?

JJ Skippy

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My thinking is that because it’s a sample model, and so few were made because of that, they become very valuable quickly.


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I think it's because a couple of reasons:
1. it's a 747-200 people love classic 747 as we know how high prices AC/BB400 747
2. It's a British Airways 747 people love BA especially British people
3. It's a sample that is rare and very interesting


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No BA 747 sported the Bauhaus tail. No 747-100 sported a utopia tail, and no BA 747-200 sported anything other than Rolls Royce RB-211 engines, with the exception of the ex B-Cal fleet which were disposed of quickly. I'm not sure why this model is so talked about, it's not a particularly well researched proposition.