NG Models Boeing 747-200 Mould Sample Review


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NG Models have sent me a lot of samples over the years and the majority have been top quality, requiring only minor modifications. The 747-200 sample is the first time that really significant errors have been made, however it also demonstrates the value of sending samples out in advance so that issues can be caught early and rectified, something NG have been more than willing to do. They have already said they will modify the sample and possibly send me the updated versions in the coming months.

Wonderful review. If wasn't for the antennas at the wingtips, I could say this is just a B747-400F without winglets! NG really needs to upgrade this sample with all the corrections being suggested to them.

By the way, you mentioned that no 400 scale mould have ever featured the early SATCOM antenna of the early 747s, located near the upper deck hump. Well, surprisingly DeAgostini did it on their JAL Collection releases. Not a great mould by any means but hey, the antenna is there :)


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Very honest review Richard. Thanks for doing that and not giving them (NG) any slack.

It is welcomed news that they are indeed working on the 747s. But at the same time it is disappointing that they don’t seem to grasp how important it is to get this mold right. Is not just putting the mold out there… it’s got to be solid.

I had already thought about the term “fantasy wing” 😅. I’m glad you called it what it is.
I had already thought about the term “fantasy wing” 😅.

They can sand off the HF-antennas from those casts and use them for a 744LCF or GE's 744 testbed aircraft.

Seriousely, I hope NG gets this right. This isn't it. I suggest a start from scratch for everything other than tailplanes and maybe their 747SPs engines.
Thanks for the hard work Richard and spotting out all the issues. I would emphasize the too flat hump at the top as you mentioned, most likely also derived from cutting short the -400 series extended hump. Once seen you can't unsee it. I really love the -400 sample though.
One thing to note on the Av400 747 is that the inboard engine is positioned slightly too close to the fuselage. The inboard flap is consequently cut short to accommodate the wrong position of the engine pylon. Interestingly, it is the same mistake that is on all Inflight 200 747s. In 1/200 the mistake is much more noticeable than in 1/400.