The 2 generations of Cathay Pacific "Asia's World City" livery


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After some hectic months busy getting my life settled I finally have some time to admire the two models of Cathay Pacific "Asia's World City" livery.:love:

Backgroud of the livery​

The first iteration of this livery was unveiled on 4 July 2002 to celebrate the promotion brand "Hong Kong - Asia's World City" that was launched by the Hong Kong Government in 2001. The livery at then was described as "... embodies the flair, innovation and imagination that Hong Kong is recognised for." The Dragon logo, which is situated prominently at the front and the centre of the fulselage, is the centrepiece of the "Hong Kong - Asia's World City" brand and according to press release, it was described to "The free-flowing lines of our dragon embody the free spirit of Hong Kong people and the core values that underpin our success as a society and economy - progressiveness, freedom, stability, opportunity and high quality.

B-HOY, a B747-400 that was the then longhaul flagship weared this livery until 2008 when she underdo D-check and was repainted back into the standard 1994 "Brushwing" livery with the mission of promoting the "Hong Kong - Asia's World City" brand transferred to the new longhaul flagship B777-300ER.

The lucky aircraft, B-KPF, delivered fresh from Boeing's Everett factory in this livery on January 2008. However after just 2 years wearing this scheme, the "Hong Kong - Asia's World City" promotion brand went through a facelift in 2010, making the logos on B-KPF obsolete. The aircraft went on to flew with the obsolete logos for 4 more years until Cathay Pacific terminated the scheme in 2014 when B-KPF, like her predecessor B-HOY, went through D-check and was painted back into the standard 1994 "Brushwing" livery. The 3rd generation "Spirit of Hong Kong"(B-KPB), which unveiled in 2013, was the spiritual successor to the "Asia's World City" aircrafts, bearing the mission to promote Hong Kong.

The models​

2014 Apollo B747-400 B-HOY
Nose of Witty 74420230721_000158.jpg
2023 AV400 B777-300ER B-KPF
Nose of AV400 77W
Two aircraft place side by side - notice the 77W have a darker tone while the 744 have a more vivid tone.20230721_000304.jpg
The tail - Pretty suprise that the Witty 744, despite being a 2014 release, comes with a properly designed free rudder!
Although the two models are almost a decade apart, I feel like the Apollo 744 withstand the test of time and can still compete with many far more recent releases! :LOL:
You talk like the 747 model was from the 1990s or something... it's a 2014 model, so it should be quite good in quality anyway 😆
They're both nice models and make a nice duo!

Speaking of special liveries form CX, I'd like to see the "Spirit of Hong Kong" B747-200... was it released in 1:400?