Southwest special schemes part 1


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One of my favorite things about Southwest Airlines is their use of special schemes over the years. It all started with 737-3H4 N334SW when it was painted into a special "Shamu" scheme on 5/23/1988 in recognition of Southwest's partnership with Sea World.
I have a photo of N334SW in Shamu scheme in canyon blue paint:
Southwest B737-3H4 N334SW L.jpg
Following on May 10, 1990 was 737-5H4 N507SW dubbed "Shamu II"
Southwest B737-5H4 N507SW L.jpg

The first of the "State Flags" special schemes was on 11/7/1990. Lone Star One, honoring Southwest's home state of Texas...was painted on 737-3H4 N352SW:
Southwest B737-3H4WL N352SW L.jpg
After N352SW was retired on 5/17/2016, the scheme was applied on 737-7H4 N931WN on 7/15/2016:
Southwest B737-7H4WL N931WN L.jpg
The next state flag scheme, Arizona One, was released on 5/23/1994 on 737-3H4 N383SW:
Southwest B737-3H4WL N383SW L.jpg
After retirement of N383SW on 9/27/2017, 737-7H4 N955WN was painted in the Arizona One scheme on 2/27/2018:
Southwest B737-7H4WL N955WN L.jpg
The last of the state flag schemes applied to a 737-300 was California One, applied to 737-3H4 N609SW on 8/11/1995:Southwest B737-3H4 N609SW L.jpg
After N609SW was retired on 2/10/2017, the California One scheme was applied on 737-7H4 N943WN on 2/9/2017:
Southwest B737-7H4WL N943WN GJ L.jpg
The next special scheme was introduced on 6/6/1996 in honor of Southwest's 25th anniversary, bare metal "Silver One" was applied on 737-3H4 N629SW:Southwest B737-3H4 N629SW L.jpg
N629SW was later repainted into a silver paint due to maintenance costs..and it was eventually painted in a gray paint with the Canyon Blue tail. It was retired on 8/14/2017

continued in part 2.
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Thank you Richard. You're right, there are quite a few of the desert gold versions missing. It seems to be a hard color to get spot on. I know of at least one manufacturer that just can't get it at all.
No kidding! Hopefully, IND can become a crew base one day so we can get an Indiana One! I know you and Midwest would like that!
Yes, an "Indiana One" would be great. I was really hoping that Southwest would do something like that around 4/3/2019, the 30th anniversary of Southwest starting service to IND... but then, 4/3/2024 would be the 35th anniversary...I'm not giving up just yet.