New Air India Livery Unveiled


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Personally not a fan of the livery, but I think it'll grow on me in the future. Wondering how Indians view the livery, as there is quite an attachement to the current livery in India
A further view. Straight out of the Icelandair/American/Ryanair/Iberia/Air Malta copybook. The tail art is reminding me of the Belgian flag. Not terrible overall, just not awfully interesting.


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Looks like it was designed by a consulting firm based on some checklist they made. Which I don't doubt was actually the case.
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Extremely disappointing !!!! Not surprising these days as airline liveries are just not like they used to be in the past. Then again, i am older and a fan of the cheat line. it literally is what i saw online. a combo of Emirates, Iberia, Air Belgium combined. looks like the purple and the gold on the tail is paying homage to Vistara.
adding it to my list of disappointment new liveries. The list keeps growing
I'll be honest, I really thought this was some late April Fools' joke. Generic, big bold titles. Euro-white body. Way too simple tail design. And they got rid of the window designs! My favourite feature about their current livery was their palace-styled windows. It was small, but it was one of those things that set them apart.