My complete DC-9 series wish list.


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This is my complete DC-9-10/30/50, MD-80, MD-90, and 717 (MD-95) wish list. Obviously some new moulds are needed:
Continental black meatball:
Continental DC-9-14 N626TX 1968.jpg
Continental red meatball:
Continental DC-9-14 N8901E 1984.jpg
Delta old widget:
Delta DC-9-14 N3302L.jpg
Delta later widget:
Delta DC-9-14 N3313L.jpg
Eastern white top hockey stick:
Eastern DC-9-14 N8909E 1971.jpg
Eastern bare metal hockey stick:
Eastern DC-9-14 N8910E 1977.jpg
Hughes Airwest:
Hughes Airwest DC-9-14 N948L 1970.jpg
Northwest "thermometer" scheme:
Northwest DC-9-14 N3306L.jpg
Northwest "bowling shoe" scheme:
Northwest DC-9-14 N3310L .jpg
More DC-9-10:
Ozark first scheme (small titles)Ozark DC-9-14 1966 N971Z R.jpg
Ozark old scheme (large titles)Ozark DC-9-14 1968 N971Z R.jpg
Ozark last scheme:
Ozark DC-9-14 1979 N491SA.jpg
Republic "Herman" scheme:
Republic DC-9-15 1979 N3314L IND_19850526_01.jpg
Republic "Mary Tyler Moore" scheme"
Republic DC-9-15 1984 N96S ORD_19850427_N96S_01.jpg
Southern last scheme:
Southern DC-9-15RC N8906E.jpg
Texas International first scheme:
Texas International DC-9-15 1969 N1302T.jpg
Texas International last scheme:
Texas International DC-9-15 1973 N1052T.jpg
TWA twin globe scheme:
Trans World DC-9-10 1962 N1070T.jpg
TWA twin stripe scheme with hollow titles:
Trans World DC-9-10 1974 N1061T 1974.jpg
TWA twin stripes with solid titles:
Trans World DC-9-10 1979 N491SA.jpg
Republic "Mary Tyler Moore" scheme:
Republic DC-9-31 1984 N912RW IND_19850526_01.jpg
Continental last scheme:
Continental DC-9-51 N670MC 1991.jpg
Republic "Herman" scheme:
Republic DC-9-51 1979 N781NC IND_19820530_01.jpg
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Continental last scheme:
Continental MD-80 N14816 1991.jpg
Delta "Ron Allen" scheme:
Delta MD-88 N919DL 1997.jpg
Delta "Colors in Motion" scheme:
Delta MD-88 N961DL IND_20060422_02.jpg
Frontier MD-80 N809HA 1978.jpg
Northwest in "thermometer" scheme:
Northwest MD-82 N309RC.jpg
Northwest "Bowling shoe" scheme:
Northwest MD-80 N307RC 1989.jpg
Ozark MD-80 N950U 1979.jpg
Republic "Herman" scheme:
Republic MD-80 1979 N311RC R IND_19851000_01.jpg

Republic "Mary Tyler Moore" scheme:
Republic MD-80 1984 N314RC L.jpg
TWA twin stripe reverse scheme..."Wings of Pride"
Trans World MD-83 EI-BWD.jpg
TWA last scheme:
Trans World MD-83 N922TW 1995.jpg
USAir 3 shades of red scheme:
USAir MD-80 N824US 1980.jpg
USAir last scheme:
USAir MD-80 N806US 1989.jpg

Delta "Colors in Motion" scheme:
Delta MD-90-30 N909DA 2000.jpg

717-200 (MD-95)
First scheme:
AirTran 717-200 N936AT 1997 R IND_20081018_02.jpg
Baltimore Ravens special scheme:
AirTran 717-200 N946AT Ravens L.jpg
Indianapolis Colts special scheme:AirTran 717-200 N936AT Colts R1.jpg
Milwaukee Brewers special scheme:
AirTran 717-200 N932AT Brewers L.jpg
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True, but I would much rather have it on a modern mould, perhaps with aerials. It may not ever happen, we'll see...I guess that's one reason why they call these "wish lists"