Mould Review - Short 707s & 720s


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In response to @thiscooldude 's request for updated mould reviews I've started to go through and refresh some of the existing pages.

I start with the Boeing 707-120/138/220 & 720. Outside of the 720B none of the short 707 variants have been particularly well treated in 400 scale, which considering their vital importance to aviation history is a real shame. There is definitely the opportunity for any manufacturer who cares about aviation history to create some lovely moulds and correctly illustrate the development of the type, which is quite complex. Until then here's a look at the current status for the early 707s in 400 scale:

In the image below are mainly 720Bs from Aeroclassics with one model masquerading as a 707-120B and another as a 707-138B

Nice Article, its quite unfortunate that no manufacturer is likely to ever make a short 707 or 720 in 400 scale, I would suggest an updated mould review for the BAe 146 or DC-3 as they are a bit odd compared to newer articles. I would also appreciate if you made an article on Netmodels or Star Jets, as its hard to find info on them.
It is surprising that 707-120 deliveries continued for so long - TWA received a couple as late as 1969. I'm not sure why AA and TWA didn't just convert the orders to 320s. I guess they had a niche.

The turbojet 320/420 could do with an updated mould too.
The -320/420 definitely.

The -120 had a domestic market particularly for AA as they seemed to fit their network.
AA's -123s (some, pending on timeframe) were special in many ways due their shorter flight profiles - away from open water or deserts:
- they only had two turbocompressors instead of three
- they were lacking HF-com (that is long range com)
- and they had the optional larger cabin windows of the 720 the Intercontinentals didn't have
What was the last Airframe to be in commercial use Europe?
I'd have to look it up, but Conair or Cyprus come to mind. There was a Slovak reged airframe too I think.
-120s didn't sell outside the US. Europe only got a few 2nd/3rd hand.

There are quite a few 120/138/B I'd love to have:
- Phoenix of Switzerland
- Montana Austria
- Paninternational
come to mind.