Models Boxes Matter?


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Hello collectors,

Cleaning and inventoring my collection this past year I came accross several boxes types and arts, my collection is build of several different manufacturers and models.
I Always loved the way some manufacturers put arts in the boxes, latelly no one can beat NG models, how nice the boxes are designed and how easy is to locate a model in my inventory, thanks NG models, in the otherside how boring are some of the boxes made by Panda Models, Aeroclassics, Gemini and so on, I love the way I can inspect some of my storaged models with Gemini box, but the art do not makes me happy.
I have plans to set 100% of models in a display but I still dont have enought space, so for now 70% are resting in their original boxes. [ makes no sense for me to have such of nice collection hide in a room inside boxes].
I want to know from you, do you appreciate the art work and a well designed box for your model or for you just the model itself matters?
Happy new year for everyone.
I agree with NG's box art designs. They are just astounding to look at when first receiving them. I love the way that companies make their boxes, how do you say, stand out more with multiple colors instead of just a plain background like GJ or JC or any others.
I have liked NG's box arts due to their creativity. However, I think some of their recent designs have gotten a little too chaotic with a lot going on on them.

I still like GJ's boxes despite how generic they can be. They found themselves a good design to stick with (apart from a few exceptions) and I like that. When you have them all lined up, you can tell it's Gemini Jets by that blue color.
Yes, I love the box arts from NG, they're really beautiful!
My favorite boxes are actually from Herpa, back in the 2000s, when they had a full closed box and the picture of the real plane at the front of the box. They look very professional and classy. I used to collect 1:500 models and had lots of these boxes. Nowadays their boxes are very boring.
In 1:400, I believe NG have the best boxes.
NG’s box art is top-notch. Although, sometimes they can go a bit OTT, but for the most part they are excellent. There is something about GJ’s simplicity that is attractive, and having all those matching boxes sitting in a stack does look good.
Packaging is a nice bonus for me, but doesn't impact how I judge a model. Like others have said NG's box art is excellent - I'd almost feel remorseful throwing their boxes away 😅. The simple lineart used by AV400 is also nice, since it makes the packaging look like something out of an airline's in-flight duty free. JC's orange boxes would obviously be the most uninspired.
I don't care so much about the box art. I pay for the model, so as long as the model is good, I am happy. And I agree with what has been said, sometimes NG makes them too chaotic making the actual aircraft hard to see.
I really like a lot of NG's box art. I also like Gemini's packaging, mainly with the flap that opens to view the model. As far as boxes, go, I always keep all of mine along with the cradles. Comes in very handy if the need arises to move them. Since I started collecting in 1999, mine have been moved close to 10 times over the years.... I don't plan to move them again, but there were at least 5 other times earlier that I didn't plan to move them, so things happen. At least I'm prepared if the need arises again,
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A less common opinion, but I appreciate the box condition more than the box art, and I have this box for my GJ Philippine Airlines 747, that I got when I was first collecting. The model is great but the box has a lot of wear and tear. Does anyone have methods to fix boxes?
Yes and no... I do like personalized boxes especially when the artwork is good (I agree with Leo, early Herpa's were sensational) and I tend to dislike generic boxes. Like Jolly Roger I think generic boxes can be a pain when trying to match them to a model. I also secretly think that in a perfect world all models should be licensed, so no need for generic boxes, but I know the real world doesn't work that way.

Having said all that, I have bought many models with no boxes, or with the wrong box, not ideal, but the model takes precedence.
I've been collecting 1:400 diecast since 2006. I'm not really fussed about the box art, and it certainly doesn't influence any decision or choices I make about buying a model. Having said this, I do like the box art that some manufacturers use, such as NG, Phoenix and Panda to name a few. I keep every box, recognizing that my models will likely fetch a higher price if I ever sell my collection. Over the years, I have bought a number of models without boxes, and it has been a minor inconvenience, especially when I've had to move them. However, I would not let the lack of a box stop me from buying a model if it was one I really wanted. I would like to find replacement boxes and cradles for them, but they seem elusive!

Back in their heyday, Dragon Wings released a number of models in a metal tin with a cardboard sleeve. In terms of protecting a model from damage, they were the best, and I have a few of them in my collection. Anyone remember them?