Mad Dog Central Pt2: An Old World MD-80 Wishlist


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Following on from the Americas the rest of the world was just as popular for the MD-80 and arguably it is Europe that is missing the most iconic schemes for the type in 400 scale to date. Here are 89 further chances for MD-80 releases. Once again apologies if your choice isn't present but I think it's a fairly comprehensive list for major operators.

A cracking array to choose from!

Personal highlights for me would be Swissair in the chocolate stripe, and Alitalia.
Wild to think both airlines are gone from our skies.
Really the only MD-80 that interests me would be a Compass Airlines example. But it's definitely a type with loads of potential!
So many must haves for me in this list.
Aero Lloyd, Alitalia, Swissair, Transwede, Austrian, Balair CTA or Crossair...
I see the list only has the European Air Charter. I'd prefer the original titles "Bulgarian Air Charter", the way I've seen it an uncounted number of times.
Here I photographed LZ-LDY on an early morning takeoff at EDDN, summer 2017:
Bulgarian Air Charter MD-82 LZ-LDY by Alexander Kern, auf Flickr