JC/GJ Factory Tour

The comment about hiding things in the beluga nose from your parents, shows the demographic GJ is going after.

It looks like there is an Emirates A350 coming our way.
Like I said in the DA/c forums, I can kind of see why they are so expensive and as competition heats up between manufacturers, they have to be able to get the best people in place to do this kind of work, not to mention buying all the stuff. But I am in awe of how much is done my eye and hand and even more so when I look at some of the small 400 planes I have, ATR 72, smaller Airbus and 737's, very impressive.
As much as I don’t like Sam Chui I enjoyed this video. He definitely acts as a spokesperson for GJ in a way but at the very least he provided some insight as to how the models are made and what goes into the process.

It was especially fascinating to see that “defect bin” because all those issues shown there are way worse than what we typically see when we get the models. I’m just glad they throw those out.