JC/GJ 747-8i vs Phoenix 747-8i


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Hello all.

What is your opinion on these two moulds
I have both versions in my collection.

PH's nose is not pointed enough?
While JCs cockpit is problematic?

What are the other aspects of note that you have observed?
Which one between the two would you pick, given a choice?
Or would you wait it out for NG's?!

PH is nicer than GJ/JC but not by much. Their upper deck windows can be printed slightly higher than they should be. I have a GJ UPS 747-8 interactive version and I actually enjoy it.

I’m waiting for NG’s. I do wish NG started out with 747-400s and classics but 747-8 probably sells better in their home markets.
Both are heavily flawed.

PH's wing joint looks nothing like an actual 748, and the nose is too blunt.

JC/GJ's hump-nose transition is too smooth, and the nosegear's too short. And as is custom for JC/GJ, expect subpar printing quality.

JC/GJ is better by a smidge, as the PH's wing joint is so egregiously off.

I'd get neither, since NG's 748 is coming this year. Better wait for a great mould than buy now and regret later, or spend twice the money getting both.
The upper deck of the JC/GJ 747-8 freighter is very poorly shaped. I'd avoid it!!!
Phoenix looks much better IMO.

EDIT: Sorry, i've just noticed you want the passenger version instead of the freighter version. But anyway, I'd avoid the JC/GJ 747-8F!
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