DeAgostini 767 - a nice donor!


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Last month, I bought two DeAgostini B767-300s from the JAL Collection series. I found them on AliExpress website and they were quite cheap.
I have an earlier post about these models HERE. I'll basically paste below what I wrote about them:

I'm surprised about the quality. These DeAgostinis are mostly pretty crappy, with some ugly moulds, incorrect gear sizes and poor printing.
Richard have lots of reviews about them. Some are decent, some are not.
However, this 767 have a very nice mould shape. Of course, it's outdated by today's standards, but looks a lot like Gemini or BigBird in the 2000s.
The only bad thing IMO are the too small cockpit windows. Won't be a problem for me, since these will be replaced during the custom process.
Another drawback is the engine seam, but it looks quite faint and I can live with it. I also don't mind the cradle mould and lack of antennas.

I bought these two to become custom donors.
Anyways, here's the first one! A fine custom work performed by my friend Alexandre - the perks of having a custom-maker in your city! :p

B763 TBA.jpg

I ordered this model to replace my earlier custom of the Transbrasil 767, which was made using a Dragon Wings donor (Skymarks JA767A).
Here's a comparison between the two:


I guess it's safe to say the DeAgostini version looks better. Dragon isn't a cradle mould, though...

The Transbrasil Boeing 767-300ER was only released by Aeroclassics (see here). Old, hard to find and expensive. I even dare to say my DeAgostini version looks better! :)

The second JAL 767 will become a Condor in the 1990s scheme, but this one might take a bit longer. I still have to get the decals.

So, what do you think? Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
I guess it would look even better with antennas huh??