JC / Gemini / Phoenix / Panda / AV400 & AC … future?


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Now that NG has brought out the following molds:

A330-800/900 (JC/Gemini/Phoenix/AV400)
A340-200/300 (Phoenix/Av400/AC/Gemini/JC)
B747-200 (JC/Phoenix/AC)
B747-400 (JC/Phoenix)
B767-200/300/400 (JC/Gemini/Phoenix)
MD-80/81/82/83/87/88 family (JC / Gemini)

Assuming these come out good what can the competitors do?

Will we see any updates and or innovation from the other manufacturers?

It seems to me that these manufacturers will need to do better to compete?

Will they just reduce price so people just buy the more inferior product?

Thoughts or any insight?
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I could see JC updating one or two of those moulds (MD-80 I think is most likely but still fairly improbable).
JC already has their unique niche in interactives, so they'll likely double down on those in an attempt to differentiate themselves.

AV400 will have to target holes in NG's catalog to stay relevant; currently NG does almost everything they do, just better. An A300/A310, DC10 or even their upcoming 777X would all be decent options. Alternatively, they may be able to get by catering to Singapore and modern Cathay collectors, who NG seems to have blacklisted for some reason:)

I don't see anyone else changing much, other than flooding the market with mediocre alternatives to chip away at NG's sales.
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By the rate of releases by GJ I don’t expect them to do anything but keep churning airline contract order and a few 767-400s. Use their molds as they are and push them as they have over the past few months. However, via JC wings we could see at least that A310 come in to GJ as well

JC will not do anything new other than that A310 they’ve been teasing. I don’t expect anything new, much less a classic airliner.

AC will just increased smear campaigns and keep releasing a decent amount of classics without serious competition from others. AC is basically the only brand making classics others just won’t even think about.

AV and Panda, nothing but new molds and maybe a couple of surprises from Panda in the form of other Chinese or Russian aircraft. I think one of this will do the SJ100 and maybe also their own 737-100/200/500s