Gemini200 737-800 American AirCal Heritage Jet FLAPS DOWN!


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Gemini Jets 1:200 Scale American Airlines 737-800 AirCal Heritage Jet in the Flaps Down Configuration!

It arrived broken (horizontal stabilizer was detached and landing gear was crooked. But it was an easy fix.)

Despite, it arriving broken, I do admire the livery, and the model!


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One of the nicer AA retro liveries
Yes indeed. Despite being broken, and the new GJ200 737-800 mould not being THE best, I do think it is a good model and was glad I was able to make a half decent unboxing video out of it. Very nice livery too. I do admire how American Airlines paints tribute liveries for the airlines they acquire.
Solid detail, nice job GJ! This mold is quite nice, I hope to see more flap downs to come from GJ!
Yeah,I was astounded at the attention to detail, mold, and all! The only visibly questionable problem, it the livery colors on the box being completely different colors than the actual model, but its just the box so, it doesn't really matter. Still makes me wonder who let that big of a difference slide, heres the box vs the model colors:
I'm not sure why GJ does this, half the time it's right on the model, and half the time it's not. What can I say, lol
Yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, you purchased it for the model, not the box, most of the time, so as long as the models find I'm not gonna complain