Free Papercraft GSE, Jetways,Terminals,And Foils.


Hello everyone. I am here to help other collectors that don't have too much money to spend on 1:400 accessories like GSE,Jetways,Terminals,And Foils. here are some free mostly free alternatives. If money is needed a $ will be under the link
I have made almost every one of these for my LAX airport. See Rocco Pros on YouTube.

Note: I did not make any of these. All credit goes to the makers or the website.
Cutting glueing is required

easy to make free
Belt Loader:
Free Simple to make.
Fedex Cargo truck:
Free Simple to make.

Best place for GSE:
All free many options

Cost money:
good looking. Some free but most are $

Jetway trio:
A little harder: Tutorial in page. Free download.

Only single jetway:
Free download

Cost Money Jetways: $
Very good looking. Hard cost money

Good looking. Free foils too. Hard to make


Simple to make

Cost Money:
Good looking hard to make.

Good variety. Free foils

Cost money:
Not a mat. Sheets of paper you glue together.

All cost $$$$$$

I have been collecting for around a year or two and I hope this helped people out Check out my small and growing Collection of Aircraft. on

Won't upload for a while. Building up my collection

Please Don't watch the cringe videos from when I was 10 Please I beg of you. They are bad
Thanks, not only an alternative to save money, but also to do some unique custom creations.