First flight of the *all-electric* Eviation Alice!


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Looks like Eviation Alice, which is an all-electric twin-motor aircraft, took it's first flight a few days ago. What do you guys think about the future of electric aviation? I feel like we're still far away from true commercial use of electric aircraft but it's interesting to see the latest developments nevertheless.

This is super interesting along with the ES-30 aircraft that United has on order! I am super excited about this aircraft! What a nice plane.
Yes, very interesting and I suspect (for now) electrically powered aircraft will be like this, very small. Hydrogen power may be the clean solution for larger scale projects. All very interesting though.
I wish they'd talk more about how much noise these non-jet powered aircraft have, especially for passengers. It is hard to have a conversation on even modern jets and it would be way more comfortable to have a quieter cabin on a long haul flight.