Concorde in the Landor C/S: Finally!!!

By the way, the font mix-up described above also applies to all the Landor 747s made by BigBird/Aeroclassics. That GJ -400 (G-CIVI) that Ii showed I believe is the only correct BA Landor 747 made to date in 1:400 scale. InFlight400 released G-BDXI but the font was also a mix of characters from both the Chatham and the Landor fonts, plus other things...
Wow @YankeeVictor this is a real close look! Appreciate this! Did NG get it right in their recent Landor Tristar?

The font looks correct to me, a bit bold though...

Speaking of a potential new Concorde tooling, here's one that ought to be done yet hasn't, the French revolution 200th/First flight 20th anniversary scheme from 1989.


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