Birmingham Airport 2006


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This is where I will be posting the progress of my 2006-2007 era Birmingham Airport (in the UK not the US).

As you can see, it's quite small (as I don't have much space in my room) and I still need more period-appropriate aircraft. The wood 'terminals' are temporary until I can afford to buy more realistic ones.
The routes for the aircraft I do have are:

US Airways Boeing 757 - Philidelphia
Hapag Lloyd Express Boeing 737-700 - Cologne/Bonn
Air India Boeing 747 - Delhi (continuing on from Toronto-Pearson)
Looks really good. As a fellow UK airport builder (Manchester) I know how hard it is to find period UK airlines. Keep up the good work.
Yep, I feel your pain. As an Australian airport builder, finding local airlines is very hard, if they have been made at all. And all of the larger domestic aircraft sell for stupid amounts on eBay, it's crazy!