2022 Travel Highlights


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2022 was quite the highlight in traveling for me! I didn't do a lot of flying and plane spotting (mainly because of work). However, majority of the flights I went on were an absolute treat! On top of it, I went to some incredible aviation events this year. Here are my highlights!

  • Sun 'n Fun Airshow 2022 (April, 2022)
This event felt a lot bigger than last year (2021). There was a lot more to see on display and performances. The air performances were an absolute highlight of the show: ranging from the F/A-18 Super Hornet, the A-10 Warthog, the Thunderbirds, and many more!

  • My first A220 flight (September, 2022)
This was my second time flying Breeze Airways. Sadly, my experience with them hasn't been the greatest due to the amount of delays and cancellations with them. However, I was finally able to fly on their brand new A220 (former C-Series) on my return flight! The plane was fantastic. Roomy, comfy seats, quiet, modern, large windows. A lot better than their Embraers!
Flight Info: MX4129 | N204BZ | A220-300 | Seat 12F

  • Orlando/Sanford Airshow (October, 2022)
This was my second and last airshow of the year. Interestingly, they advertised it as "Orlando Airshow." However, it technically wasn't in Orlando. Rather, it took place at Orlando-Sanford International Airport, which was just outside of Orlando. The show wasn't as big as Sun 'n Fun (it was VERY small). Fortunately, the air performances were incredible: ranging from famed performer Michael Gullion (is that how you spell his name?), the F/A-18 & F4U, F-22A Raptor, and the Thunderbirds performances. They were definitely the highlights of the show!
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  • My first B737 MAX flight
My trip to Europe got me to fly on one of two planes I’ve been excited to fly: B737 MAX! Despite its controversy, there was a part of me that wanted to try it out. And I finally got that chance on the first leg of the flight on United Airlines. Though, it wasn’t as comfy as the A220 (the extra legroom I booked helped out~). It was quiet, and the new interiors made the plane feel modern.
Flight Info: UA2407 | N77259 | B737 MAX 8 | Seat 8F

  • My B767-400ER flight in 10+ years
The second plane I was very excited to fly on was one of Boeing’s rarest: B767-400ER! The last time I ever flew on the -400ER was around the early 2010s (I think Newark to Amsterdam). The last time I flew on a B767 in general was Delta from JFK to Barcelona (B767-300ER). Continuing on my trip to Europe, I flew this absolute gem on an overnight flight. It was definitely a stark contrast compared to United’s B737 MAX due to the interior, but the 2-3-2 economy layout really made it up in terms of space.

Flight Info: UA120 | N66051 | B767-424ER | Seat 17L

Flight Info: UA121 | N66057 | B767-424ER | Seat 28A

  • My first A320neo flight
If I remember, there was a quick plane swap when my family and I were flying from Amsterdam to Barcelona with Vueling. I got excited when I found out we got to fly on an A320neo. Plus, in one of their special liveries (Visit Tenerife). There was not a lot to say other than the same things I said on my first B737 MAX flight~ Quiet, modern, ‘thiccc’ engines. Though, the A320 was a bit more spacious than the B737.
Flight Info: VY88303 | EC-NIX | A320-271neo | Seat 1F
A nice flying year for me.
  1. American 319 and Flagship business (773)
  2. united 739/320 and first class on 752/772
  3. Southwest 737-700/800/Max. Highlight was N871HK ( a week old)
  4. Cape Air Tecnam P2012 Traveller ( a cool airplane)
  5. Breeze E190 ( inaugural San Bernadino flight)
  6. Spirit A320/A320Neo( new cabin look and big front seat )
  7. jetblue A320 ( redsox plane)
A good idea. My highlights were as follows:

Qantas A330-200 New Livery (Due to an aircraft switch on MEL-PER (I went from QF's oldest A332 to one of their newest!)
Qantas A330-200 and B737-800 Business class free upgrade
Jetstar A321LR
Virgin Australia 737-800 Split Scimitars x2 (VA only have 5 in their fleet)
Ansett DC-3