2015 BB400 Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-367 B-HOL


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Today I would like to share with you all the 2015 BigBird Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-367 B-HOL with white RB211 and Hong Kong registration (I myself prefer the silver engine version more but the hefty $$$ tag kept me away from it. I recently acquired this model, without its original box and the card which came along with it. The model was noted to have yellowed white upper fuselage (which I see present on 2015 BB CX 743 model photos on DiMA database, but mine is significantly worse). However, I would say this is one of the finest models ever made and surely be my purchase of 2022. This model starts my love for 1:400 B747-300, a classic 747 with stretched upper deck and HF antenna. Cathay Pacific operated 6 B743, with 3 different outer appearance (which would be discussed in part 3). This example, VR-HOL (later B-HOL) was received in 1987 and had a capacity of 422 seats. I would really hope the CX B743 be released once again! It is truly an iconic aircraft.

Firstly, a real photo of this machine, courtesy of its respective owner.

Now let's get to the model, the view from port side.

The Lettuce tail!

The aircraft features the original 747 classic wing-to-body fairing, which is represented excellently on this model.

The white RB211-524C2 with the HF antenna (albeit a little bit bent).

The starboard side, view from behind.

A duoshot with AI B743 from last post.

And lastly, my most favorite photo style - fly over shot.

View from behind!

So that's all for today post. Thank you so much and I hope to see you later posts.
Nice pictures! I don't see much of the yellowed upper fuselage so I think you bought a fine model indeed!
Thank you! I guess the effect has been reversed somehow, the lightning when I took this picture may have affected the color shade. The day I received it I was shocked on how yellow it was, a bit disappointing at first. But it is a wonderful model!
I think the yellowish tone can be clearly seen from this photo! But alas a beautiful scheme and a beautiful model to have in my collection!
On some occasion, yes as I mostly aim towards modern subjects! But I must admit the retros I have are some of the most outstanding "break the rules" choices I have made!
Same! I mostly collect modern models, however, if the retro looks good or if it holds importance to me, I will buy it
Same! I mostly collect modern models, however, if the retro looks good or if it holds importance to me, I will buy it
I agree! I bought the AI 743 for its meticulous livery! This one is from my personal favorite, the Lettuce Sandwich fits the 743 really well!