1:400 Useful Resources


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Hi All! Here is a thread where we can post useful links, files and other stuff to help each other out. These can be links to websites or other threads on MAF, but please do not link to other forums.

- Yesterday's Airlines - Highly useful resource for anything 1:400:


- (Almost) Complete database of diecast models, Dating from 1993 to the present day:

DiMA Database

- Guides to Zinc Rot:

Zinc Rot, What is it?

Yesterday's Airlines guide to Zinc Rot

- Manufacturer's Websites:

NG Models

Gemini Jets


- Lists of recommended retailers:

Best Places to buy 1:400 Aircraft

Please feel free to add to this list as you wish!
That’s a great little shop, I went there not long ago. Professional architectural modelling supplies/services situated under the arches near Tower Hill.