1/200 Kum Models Aeroflot AN-10 review!

Recently I bought this Aeroflot AN-10 by Kum Models. It's 100% plastic which I normally avoid, but there is no diecast AN-10 mould unfortunately. Check out my review on this model here:

What do you guys think about these models? Is plastic an automatic dealbreaker?

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That was a nice review Mark. I did not know Kum Models and only knew very little about the An-10. I think you objectively called it too pricey for the quality.

I personally don't mind at all the plastic wings of DW and other brands, but a full 1:400 plastic model does put me off. I remember when I got my An-225 it was hard to pass the YRD wings version due to the price, but in the end I went for Herpa.