WHAT IS THIS? The Real GeminiKits?!


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Idk if anyone ele has ever seen this, but I am unaware of this GJ200 packaging style. The way it is packaged, and if you look inside, it looks to be snap fit? This is weird, it is GJ packaging but I've never seen it,and never seen a GJ snap fit model. Anyone have a clue what's going on here?
After some further research, I have found it (was) a product line that Gemini produced in the 1:200 scale called "Gemini Plastics Premier Series." It seems this Delta 737 was the only Plastics Premier Series model they ever made, I'm assuming it didn't go too well or there was not demand. This is quite interesting to say the least. If anyone would like an in-depth video on this to provide all more information on this, lemme know, and I can definetly put one together.